Relax with our new commission changes

Relax knowing that you're getting up to 15% Commission.

When it comes to your commission, more is always better. That’s why Blue Sky Tours is excited to announce we’ve increased commission levels. Which means you can earn up to 15% on your first booking. And the best part? There’s no aggregate commission structure, no bells, no whistles, and what you see is what you get. So book with Blue Sky Tours today to maximize your earnings.

Some of the highlights of booking with Blue Sky Tours:

  • Earn top commissions from the time of your first booking
  • Receive 12-15% commission on every booking, giving you a 2% increase
  • All land components are always fully commissionable.  You can earn full commission on insurance, cars, features!
  • Receive 3% commission on air for both bulk and pub* (*Published air to Fiji and Tahiti is at 0%)


It’s simple: book your client’s vacation with Blue Sky Tours today!

New commission structure is as follows:

12%: $0-$1899.99 

13%: $1900-$2599.99 

14%: $2600-$3799.99

15%: $3800 and more




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Commission structure based on the per person land portion of a reservation. Does not include air portion or addition of Set Your Own Commission amount.